Split Rock Coffee

Minneapolis, MN


Our Story

Split Rock Coffee was founded with this simple idea: bring the high quality coffee usually found only in coffee houses to offices and retail customers.

Although we are a new company, our staff brings years of experience in the coffee industry. Our veteran coffee buyer has worked for twenty years in the specialty coffee market on behalf of a successful chain of coffee shops, as well as a wholesale, retail, and office coffee company. We work closely with a Midwest coffee importer that is a leader in the global specialty coffee industry. We follow the philosophy of purchasing coffees that are in season and then blending them to bring our customers the freshest beans available. Split Rock coffee is roasted by a Minnesota master roaster, who balances the art and science of roasting fine coffee that comes from over 25 years of experience. Our distribution partner is a paper and packaging supply company that has been serving businesses in Minnesota for over one hundred years.

The journey a coffee bean makes from the farm to the cup is full of small steps that must be perfectly coordinated to preserve the quality and flavor of the coffee. Our buyer has travelled to the countries of origin and met with coffee farmers in their fields, marveling at the complexity of moving coffee from remote parts of the world to market. Our coffee importer has built such strong relationships with growers that many deals are closed with just a handshake.

Choosing the highest quality beans, roasting them to perfection, and providing the best customer service possible are the foundations of our business strategy. We believe the difference between good and great is in the details. Split Rock Coffee delivers on our promise of quality from start to finish.