Split Rock Coffee

Minneapolis, MN



Our Commitment to Quality

Buying high quality coffee beans is the foundation of our business strategy. Some workplace coffee providers purchase inferior beans and then dark roast them to disguise the poor taste. Split Rock Coffee purchases raw, coffeehouse-quality beans and have them roasted to our own specifications. This attention to detail produces a coffee-house quality coffee for your workplace, with great flavor from the first aromatic sip to the sweet finish. For office applications, we’ve selected state-of-the-art brewing equipment to optimally extract the best flavor from our coffee. This combination of great coffee and brewing equipment consistently produces a top-notch coffee that will make your employees and customers feel appreciated.

Brewing Equipment

We have chosen to use Bunn brewing equipment. Bunn equipment is made in America and is the most technologically advanced coffee brewing equipment available. The 120 Volt, direct water-plumbed Bunn Smartwave brewers have deep brew funnels that will accommodate varying amounts of ground coffee. These low-profile brewers feature SmartWAVE technology, are simple to operate, offer flexible server options, and come equipped with a hot water spigot. Each package of workplace coffee we sell brews 64 ounces of finished coffee. We use Stanley brand 2.2 liter airpots with stainless steel inserts and a lever-style pump on top. We also provide water filtration units, filtration cartridges, airpot racks, and condiment caddies.