Cold brew coffee being poured into glass cup over ice

Cold Brew Coffee Craze

What’s it all about? Even if you have not tried cold brew, you have certainly heard of it. Cold brew was technically invented in the 1600s, but another cold brew trend has been brewin’ over the years. Many people enjoy cold brew for its strength, caffeine content, taste, smoothness, or texture. At Split Rock Coffee, we have created the perfect ...

Steamed milk being poured into coffee mug

Make Lattes and Cappuccinos at Home!

The Simple Guide to Frothing Milk Your favorite latte from the café down the street may be worth it but try frothing your own milk at home to save some money this season! Achieving creamy, steamy, foamy milk is not too difficult, and it is even better paired with your favorite Split Rock Coffee. If you have an espresso machine at home, use the steame ...

Coffee Cocktail in martini glass with orange peel

Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails Looking for the perfect holiday drink to warm you up and give you some extra energy? Look no further! We have researched some of the best Coffee Cocktails out there this holiday season, and we cannot wait to see what you think of them. 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year, to say the least, and you deserve an extra shot for gett ...

white coffee cup

White Roasted Coffee, What is it?

What is White Coffee? White coffee is different from the usual roasts you have surely heard of like classic light, medium, and dark roasted coffee, but few are knowledgeable about White Coffee. Although there are some popular coffee drinks that are known as White Coffee, the true White Coffee we’re referring to is the coffee beans that are light, or ...

yevgen tarasov BX9kT6UFPMY unsplash e1605212705277

Eggs? In Coffee!?

Swedish Egg Coffee We all know eggs are packed full of protein and a great way to start your day, but have you ever heard of drinking your eggs with your coffee? Well, this unique Swedish tradition began in the late 1800s according to the legend. It has become a long tradition for Lutheran church gatherings of Scandinavian-Americans in the Midwest a ...


How To Find Better Coffee Beans

Every coffee drinker values the quality and taste of their beans, but fewer attend to where their favorite coffee beans are sourced. What many people don’t know is that bean quality is mostly determined by growing conditions; such as sunlight, rain, soil, altitude, and picking technique, which differs by location. With sustainability and environmen ...

barista pour over local coffee from minneapolis mn

The Best of the Bean – 20 Coffee Cities You Must Visit!

Coffee is highly valued, respected and beyond popular so it is no surprise that coffee is one of the most sought and traded commodities. Almost every year there are over 500 billion cups of coffee consumed across the world! In the United States we consume the most coffee overall and there are a lot of cities with some great coffee. We put together 20 ...

Brazillian Coffee Beans

Brazilian Coffee – First Take

Brazil accounts for one-third of the world’s coffee, making them the largest grower and exporter of coffee beans. Each year, Brazil produces 40 to 60 million bags of coffee , grown mostly in low altitudes. Many people enjoy espresso blends made from either Bourbon Santos or Brazil Cerrado due to their dark roast and ability to avoid bitterness. Brazi ...

Coffee Grounds Improve Vegatables

Green Thumb With Whole Bean Coffee Grounds

How to Use Coffee Grounds to Improve Your Garden “I know that coffee grounds are beneficial to soil, but in some places I read that they should be used in compost formation only. Some other sources claim that coffee grounds should be simply mixed with regular soil, including in existing pots. Which is correct? In some places, I also read that coffee ...

Nitrogen Infused Coffee

Taste Test – Nitro Infused Coffee

The Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker is the at-home java game-changer you’ve been looking for. The Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker is the at-home java game-changer you’ve been looking for . Always looking to put a new spin on a cup of Joe, infusing your coffee with a blast of nitrogen produces a thicker, more full-bodied, naturally creamy, frothy vari ...



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