Iced coffee vs. Hot coffee

Iced coffee vs. hot coffee (types, when/where,why it’s right for you) Hot coffee has remained the most traditional caffeinated drink, but recently iced coffee has proved to be a growing competitor. It is still a widely debated topic in the coffee world but many have highlighted the benefits of drinking iced coffee, even in the middle of winter. Let’ ...


10 Reasons Why Coffee Is Beneficial To Your Health

The unhealthy, non-beneficial foods that deteriorate our health tend to be the foods that we love the most. A good example is greasy foods. The grease that builds up from constant consumption of these foods can clog up our arteries leading to many heart problems later in life. Soda is an example of a beverage that tends to also be a favorite but li ...


How Learn Nuances, Notes & Flavors of Coffee

Coffee cupping, also known as, coffee tasting, is a professional practice in the coffee industries used to observe the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. With a longer brew time, cupping allows you to detect some subtler flavors  and aromas that are harder to pinpoint at higher temperatures. Although it is a professional practice, it can be d ...


Coffee – Whole Bean History

You probably know that coffee has been around for hundreds of years, but do you know how coffee got its start? Well, according to the popular Ethiopian legend, the discovery of coffee traces all the way back to one goat herder, Kaldi. Kaldi lived on the Ethiopian plateau in the ancient coffee forests with his goats. One day, he noticed that his goa ...


Caffeinated While Camping

Any camping experience requires a steaming cup of coffee to get the day started off right. Whether it be a day full of hiking, canoeing, or swimming, any seasoned camper understands the necessity of coffee to their trip. Depending on your equipment, there are numerous ways to enjoy a cup of coffee out in the wilderness. The easiest way to quickly ma ...



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