Make your coffee experience different this year with a few recommendations

At the end of the year, we strive to create achievable goals for ourselves in the coming months. Whether that be eating healthier, working out more, or quitting a bad habit, it is good to practice setting intentions. After such a turbulent 2020, I think we all deserve to go a bit easier on ourselves this year. In case you have not found any good New Year’s resolutions, here is a list of coffee goals you can set for yourself to expand your knowledge!

Try a New Roast!

You might think you’ve found your perfect cup of coffee, but who knows, it could still be out there waiting for you! Do some research and find out what attributes make up your perfect cup of coffee. What type of roast do you prefer? What level of caffeine do you desire? Do you enjoy chocolatey notes, or citrus hints in your coffee? How many cups per day do you typically drink? If you are searching for a light roast coffee that is loaded with caffeine to jumpstart your morning, try out Split Rock Coffee’s 100% Colombian coffee. On the other hand, if you are seeking a coffee that you can drink late into the afternoon without staying up all night, check out our Dark Roast Coffeehouse Blend. It is extremely low in caffeine due to the long roast time and also very low in acidity as a result of our roasting process.

Curb the Sugar

Try to stop putting sugary additives in your coffee to save some calories. If you usually add sugar or syrup flavoring, try substituting honey or agave. These natural sweeteners can add flavor to your coffee without added sugar. Many people enjoy low-calorie sweeteners, such as Stevia. Others opt for coconut sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, dates or even maple syrup! Another good option is to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon for every 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds before brewing. This infuses a delightful cinnamon flavor right into your coffee! Rather than adding cream to your coffee, try non dairy alternatives or protein powder for a healthier option. Reducing the amount of additives in your coffee allows for the natural coffee bean flavor to shine through.

Clean Your Coffee Equipment

Work toward creating a cleaning routine for your coffee equipment. You may notice your espresso machine, coffee grinder, or utensils getting greasy or built up with grounds. Wipe down your equipment more often with a damp paper towel and don’t be surprised when your coffee begins to taste cleaner! Many coffee shops use Cafiza to disinfect their coffee equipment, but just a little soap and water goes a long way! Choose one day out of the month to wipe down all of your coffee accessories, and begin to taste the difference.

Waste Less

Rather than buying your coffee in a to-go cup from the cafe, bring your own reusable mug or travel cup. This drastically reduces the amount of unnecessary waste, and you get to sip your drink out of your favorite mug! 

If you own a Keurig, try to purchase k-cups that are compostable. Another good option is to purchase a reusable k-cup that you can put fresh coffee grounds into every day. That way you can pick your favorite Split Rock ground coffee and brew it directly into a single cup. 

Say goodbye to unwanted coffee stains from drippy plastic lids!

Learn How to Make Latte Art

If you have some extra time on your hands at home, try learning how to make beautiful latte art by frothing milk! Check out our previous post about how to best froth milk and make lattes and cappuccinos at home. All you need is a mason jar, a microwave, and some milk. It is a difficult art to master, but why not try when you have the time and the creativity! Begin with the classic latte pour and move onto more intricate designs when you get the hang of it. Maybe you’ll get so good that the latte art at your local café can’t even match it!

Compost Your Grounds

There are many ways to use your coffee grounds once your coffee is brewed. Throw them in your garden for a natural fertilizer and pest repellent. You can use them to scrub tough stains out of your pots and pans, or even make a homemade coffee facial mask! The opportunities are endless for these versatile grounds. Simply compost them, rather than throwing them away, if you have no other use for them at home.

Regardless of how you are entering the New Year, these little coffee resolutions might make your mornings a bit brighter. Step out of your coffee comfort zone and really get to know your coffee.

Happy 2021!



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