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Crazy for Cold Brew

Spring is right around the corner which means cold brew season is quickly approaching! Stock up on your Split Rock Coffee filter packs to ensure you’re ready for cold coffee season. Although our cold brew is unbelievably smooth, here are a couple tips to enhance your brew. Use an ice cube tray to freeze coffee cubes. Use these frozen cubes to ...

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Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

Most people opt for traditionally ground coffee; brewed in their coffee maker, French press, or Keurig. This has an abundance of benefits, with quality being at the top of the list. Ground coffee is lower in acidity, contains more flavor, and more caffeine. The major drawback of ground coffee versus instant coffee is the time needed to make your cu ...

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Better Uses for Your Grounds

What to do with your coffee grounds after you’ve brewed your coffee. Many people believe that the life cycle of the coffee bean is complete after it is brewed into a delicious, steaming cup of goodness. The bean has so much more to offer to the world, from health benefits to sustainability, our coffee grounds are extremely versatile. So, next ...

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