Arabica Coffee Beans

The Truth about the Arabica Coffee Warming Crisis

The aroma of a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee is enough of a reason for average Americans to get out of their beds. Coffee gets you going for the day and charges up the productivity level. Other than that, it’s a nutritious drink to enjoy occasionally. Imagine a time in the future, where you may have to give up on this enchanting beverage al ...

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Double Esspresso Coffee Maker

Ultimate Introduction To Ecopods

Only passionate coffee lovers will agree to this. They are very particular about their cup, favor and experience of the coffee purchase d. There’s more than the balance in sweet and bitter tastes and aroma. From the brewing techniques, water/ milk temperature, froth to coffee beans roast varieties, grow. Everything matters. This reminds us of ...

Compost scaled e1620321203996

Importance of Composting

A large portion of what you throw away could be benefitting your garden through composting. Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow! When you compost instead of throw your food scraps in the garbage, you keep them out of landfills, where they take up space and release greenhouse gas into the air. Composting is easy ...

Roasting your own coffee ensures the ultimate flavor and freshness

If You Use this Coffee Roaster at Home Stop Immediately

Coffee Roasters are for coffee drinkers who value freshness and flavor, roasting their own coffee is worth the time and energy. Mainly because, roasting your own coffee at home means you will enjoy your cup of coffee at its best. Unfortunately, if you are one of those coffee drinkers, make sure you are not using a specific device mentioned below. T ...

French press coffee makers are great for camping

Caffeinated Camping

Summer is right around the corner and many of us are itching to get back out in the sunshine. For some of you, that may mean visiting your favorite camping spots or state parks. Great coffee is a necessity after a night of sleeping on the ground. Split Rock Coffee is here to make sure you stay alert during your adventures all day long. How Do you Br ...

Explore the Many Uses for Coffee Grounds

How to Utilize Your Coffee Grounds

Generally, after brewing a pot of coffee people toss the coffee grounds without a second thought. What if we told you that coffee grounds have much more to offer than more waste to your garbage can? There are so many ways to utilize coffee grounds. People use them for a variety of things, from skin scrubs to garden fertilizers, to cleaning products, ...

Caffeine can be dangerous unless you drink it in moderation

Caffeine Health Concerns

Caffeine is generally what we use to get out of bed in the morning, usually through a cup of coffee. Whether it takes one, two, three, or four cups full, our coffee helps wake up our body and prepare us for the day. But what makes these little beans of energy so necessary? Read on to learn about the power coffee holds around the world. The Power of ...

St. Patrick's Day Morning Latte

St. Patrick’s Day Coffee

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other single-day holiday, despite the Irish association. It seems that the theme of wearing green, drinking excessively, and spending time with your friends is universally popular! But what makes St. Patrick’s so special to Americans? Let’s take a closer l ...

Coffee Roasting Is An Art Form

How-to Roast Your Coffee and Why

Coffee roasting has made it evident that most people don’t know how to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. What’s the difference between a light roast and a dark roast? Let’s take a deeper look at the process that creates our favorite caffeinated beans. Where do Coffee Beans Originate From Coffee beans originally take the ...

cold brew 3 scaled e1613760518379

Crazy for Cold Brew

It’s beginning to get warm outside and no body wants to be drinking hot coffee when its scorching outside. We all know that spring and summer are right around the corner, which means cold brew season is quickly approaching! Stock up on your Split Rock Coffee filter packs to ensure you’re ready for cold coffee season. Although our cold b ...



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