Coffee Drinkers – Covid-19 Climate Has Changed Much

“Disruption to the weekday morning routines — notably, commuting to work and school — is a headwind,” said Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, on a call this week when he announced the company’s comparable-store sales in the U.S. were down 40 percent from the same quarter last year.  COVID Changed How We Drink Coffee The company did note that light bef ...


Finding The Best Coffee Blends For You

Single-origin coffee beans are valued for their consistency and bold flavor profiles. The beans are sourced from the same place, go through the same washing and roasting process, and deliver a consistent flavor. Our favorite single-origin coffee is our light roast, which is 100% Colombian beans from the Huila region. The light roast style is balanc ...


Best of the Bunch – K-Cup Insights & Reviews

While the ever popular Keurig company does indeed have their own version of reusable K-cups, more than a few manufactures do in-fact exist , often at a more reasonable prices.  It doesn’t end there, many of the reusable K-cup clone companies are also more efficient and have shown to provide a better overall (and flavorful) experience to the con ...



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