While the ever popular Keurig company does indeed have their own version of reusable K-cups, more than a few manufactures do in-fact exist, often at a more reasonable prices.  It doesn’t end there, many of the reusable K-cup clone companies are also more efficient and have shown to provide a better overall (and flavorful) experience to the consumer. Though our very own Split Rock Coffee Company sources, produces, bags and ships the finest whole beans to your door (ground coffee may also be an option in the future) from all over the globe, we are more than aware of the K-cup community and how they may feel left out of the pleasure our coffee delivers with each sip. That said, we feel more than compelled to provide our top picks of reusable K-cups, for such patrons.

Top Alternative Reusable K-Cup – di ORO

While gold has almost always been the standard or even the staple of wealth, finance and stature, the hype around the di ORO K-cup replacement may not be the conservationists first choice. Yes, they are gold-plated, yes they look cool, upscale and durable but, they are not only more expensive than many of their competitors, they also recommend using paper filters in addition to the cup. We found this somewhat contradictory to the term “reusable, even if we are splitting hairs on that front. Their primary reasoning for the paper component: “too many grounds find their way into the final product (your coffee mug specifically). In our opinion, the shiniest of toys aren’t always the best of the bunch; something to keep in mind before paying premium for potential problems.

iPartsPlusMore Pods Claim a Better Value

Depending on your level of dedication to the environment, companies such as iParts Plus decided to produce a gold-plated reusable K-cup filter. The company claims they will reduce your carbon footprint more than their competitors but, our major concern with this particular product lies within the “gold plating,” in which iParts proudly displays. Our primary question is, how long until the plating fades, chips or worse, is ingested? Unfortunately, the cons don’t end there. They are labeled as “small capacity” which we have yet to determine, along with their omission of incompatibility with all K-cup machine (new K-cup models are out there, and we’d prefer a ‘one size fits all” option).

Blendin 6 Reusable Keurig K-Cup Filter Pods

The general feeling and/or hope surrounding the Blendin 6 model reusable K-cups is that they almost have what the people want. This particular model by-and-far has the potential to not only be the best option, the most versatile, but also the best bang-for-your-buck. It’s almost too affordable, which begs the question, what’s wrong here? Independent users have stated two main issues with Blendin’s near perfect solution; in several cases they are hard to install and/get working. The se3cond is of the most common: they seem to not work in all Keurig machines. A slight letdown on both fronts but, by far the most promising of the bunch thus far.

K-Cups Aren’t Going Anywhere

As it stands today, K-cup coffee makers and machines not only continue to conveniently conquer the households of over 16% of the American population but, just over 120 million house households possess one or more (as noted in a recent poll). Make no mistake, that number will grow for several reasons; ease of use alone is almost enough to purchase one these days. That said, K-cups, pods, and others like them have their downsides; just the amount plastic disposed of alone is enough to warrant reluctance. The best option to date must be a reusable option. If we only had two valid reasons to make the switch, they would begin with environmental awareness and end with superior flavor.

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