Coffee is there for you every single morning when you wake up. It’s even there during those afternoons that require a little pick-me-up. We know that storing your coffee correctly is crucial and we want to share how you can safely store your high quality beans. Coffee should generally
be consumed as quickly as possible once it has been roasted, especially once the original packaging seal has been opened. However, there are some tips and tricks to keeping your coffee fresh for longer.

Coffee beans deteriorate in the presence of air, moisture, heat, and light. In order to expand the life span of your coffee beans, store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature. Using a clear container may look better, but it impacts the fresh roasted flavor of the beans faster. Additionally, keep your beans in a dark and cool location. Don’t put them near a window that gets lots of sunlight during the afternoon and avoid placing them near the oven.

Another tip is to buy coffee beans in smaller batches and more frequently. If you are able, try to buy a bag that will last you a week or two so that you are consistently drinking freshly roasted coffee. This is particularly important if you buy ground coffee because of the increased exposure to oxygen. If you buy whole beans, grind the amount you want right before brewing for optimal freshness.

If you buy your coffee beans in bulk, you may want to consider refrigerating or freezing your beans if you do not consume them fast enough. It is important to consider that coffee absorbs moisture, including the odors and tastes from the air around it. This means that if you do
choose to refrigerate or freeze your beans, you must do so in an extremely airtight container. If you store your beans in the freezer, quickly remove as much as you need for no longer than a week at a time, then return the rest to the freezer before condensation has time to form on the frozen beans.

With all of this in mind, the best way to go is to buy smaller amounts of coffee every week or two, depending on how much you, your family, or your company drinks it. This is the best way to ensure that your beans are fresh and delicious!



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