French press coffee makers are great for camping

Summer is right around the corner and many of us are itching to get back out in the sunshine. For some of you, that may mean visiting your favorite camping spots or state parks. Great coffee is a necessity after a night of sleeping on the ground. Split Rock Coffee is here to make sure you stay alert during your adventures all day long.

How Do you Brew Coffee While Camping?

For our fellow friends living in Minnesota, the North Shore may be a special place to visit with family and friends. Depending on how hard core of a camper you are, there are different methods to brewing up a delicious cup of coffee in the wilderness.

The easiest option is to bring along some instant coffee. Simply boil water over the fire, add the instant coffee, and stir. You can adjust the strength by adding more dissolvable grounds, so be sure not to overdo it on the first pour.

If you are looking to flaunt your outdoor toughness you should try making Cowboy Coffee. This is similar to instant coffee, except that the grounds do not dissolve, making for a messier clean up. Cowboy Coffee is basically a French press without the press. Boil your water, add your coffee grounds, stir, and then remove the coffee grounds floating on top with a spoon. You will likely be drinking some of the ground coffee along with your brew, but that is the whole point! Flex your camping endurance with this method using Split Rock Coffee’s pre-ground 10 oz. bags. The ideal size for packing light staying fueled the entire weekend.

While some people choose to camp, others may lean toward the side of glamping (glamorous camping). There’s no problem with that! If you’re looking for the best outdoor coffee experience there is, there are many products you can buy to ease the effort needed. One option is the pour-over stand. Many of these outdoor pour-overs are easy to store and use. Place your pour-over on top of your mug, scoop the coffee grounds in the filter, and pour over hot water. The coffee is made fresh right into your cup! Again, Split Rock Coffee’s pre-ground bags are an awesome option for this.

What to use While Camping Outdoors

If you are an avid camper looking to invest in a great piece of outdoor brewing equipment, the AeroPress may be the product for you. It arguably creates the freshest, boldest, smoothest coffee possible while camping. Although it is a bit tricky to master, the result is worth it. To begin, insert the filter and place the base over your mug. Pour the coffee grounds into the base and slowly drizzle a bit of hot water over the grounds to degas them before filling to the top. You will notice the water start to drip down into your mug. Wait about 15 seconds, then depress the plunger and enjoy! For best results, use freshly ground Split Rock Coffee.

A Moka Pot is ideal for anyone looking for a strong, espresso like coffee. The Moka Pot produces a powerful Italian style coffee that is sure to energize even the sleepiest campers. This brewing technique involves three sections. Water is placed at the bottom and the coffee grounds are packed into the middle filter. Place your Moka Pot over the campfire and as the water boils, it steams up through the grounds and collects the coffee at the top. An engaging, fun way to brew outdoors!

Who doesn’t love a good French press? Lucky for you, there are lots of specialty versions on the market that are perfect for camping. The French press requires more coffee grounds but delivers in full on quantity and flavor. Pour your coffee grounds into the bottom and drizzle some hot water over to degas the grounds. Next, fill the container with hot water and allow it to brew for 10 minutes. Finally, depress the plunger to push the grounds to the bottom and bring the coffee to the top! An easy way to optimize your coffee quality during camping.

There’s always the classic percolator to bring along on any camping trip. The percolator has long been used by outdoorsmen to get their caffeine fix quickly and efficiently. A metal tube in the percolator runs up into a basket filled with coffee grounds. When the water boils, it percolates up the tube and into the basket. The result is a delicious, strong coffee made easily over the campfire.

No matter your camping expertise level, there is a brewing option out there for you. Whether you’re a hardcore backpacker looking for a compact option, or a first time car camper, there are many ways to get your caffeine fix in the wilderness. Split Rock Coffee is here to keep you awake for all of your adventures this summer. Call our office for more details on how to optimize your coffee experience!

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