Single-origin coffee beans are valued for their consistency and bold flavor profiles. The beans are sourced from the same place, go through the same washing and roasting process, and deliver a consistent flavor. Our favorite single-origin coffee is our light roast, which is 100% Colombian beans from the Huila region. The light roast style is balanced, rich and brighter in acidity than darker roasts.

Coffee bean blends can offer the same repeatable flavors when done correctly. If you’ve ever tried our medium or dark roast, you understand our dedication to smooth, bold, consistent flavors. Blending different coffee types not only improves consistency, but also improves the overall
body and flavor. The trick is to carefully select and creatively blend the different beans to ensure balance and highlight complexity.

That information is great and all, but you’re probably wondering which coffee blend is right for you. Start off by listing the coffee bean types that you drink often. Depending on whether you prefer light or dark, sweet or bitter, identifying these types will help you select a coffee blend that’s perfect for you.

Most blends have a sweet base note. Many of these beans are sourced from Brazil, Peru or Mexico. You may also appreciate a mid-palate satisfaction, which requires something juicy with lots of malic acid. These beans provide notes of apple, peach or stone fruit and are often found in Costa Rica, Colombia or Guatemala. Finally, high notes are derived from beans that can be roasted light and will take on citric acidity and floral notes. Examples of these bean types can be found in Kenya or Ethiopia. Typically, about 40% of a blend is a sweet base note, 40% mid- palate and 20% high notes. These ratios can be adjusted until the most balanced, tasty cup of coffee is achieved.

In our opinion, one of the best blended coffees is our Breakfast Blend, which is a medium roast. We begin with beans grown strictly at high altitudes in Central America. We combine Chiapas Mexican beans with Brazilian beans to create a smooth finish. A small percentage of Ethiopian

beans are added to bring a mild acidity and establish balance. This particular blend has notes of sweet chocolate with a dark cherry finish, making it a great choice for espresso. Similarly, our dark roast is a combination of Central American and Indonesian coffee beans that
creates the perfect balance of body and acidity. It could be compared to a light French Roast, but is much smoother and lower in acidity. These particular beans form an unbelievable flavor and provide naturally occurring dark cocoa notes.

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