Roasting your own coffee ensures the ultimate flavor and freshness

Coffee Roasters are for coffee drinkers who value freshness and flavor, roasting their own coffee is worth the time and energy. Mainly because, roasting your own coffee at home means you will enjoy your cup of coffee at its best. Unfortunately, if you are one of those coffee drinkers, make sure you are not using a specific device mentioned below. There is a large part of the United States who enjoys a cup of coffee every single morning, according to the National Coffee Association. Roughly 62 percent drink it daily and about 70 percent drink it at least once during the week. This means there could be a huge possibility you are using this dangerous device in your home to make coffee.  If you currently own this coffee roaster, get rid of it now. It is a huge safety risk to you and your family.

Nesco Coffee Roasters

The Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) announced on April 21st that there were approximately 5,350 Nesco Coffee Bean Roasters that had been recalled. The Nesco Coffee Bean Roasters were produced by the Metal Ware Corporation and are identified as Model Number CR-04-13 and date code 2520 or 3220 printed within the ETL Intertek Label on the packaging of the product.

The Metal Ware Corporation has announced that anyone with one of these devices, mentioned “should immediately stop using the recalled coffee bean roasters.” The recall was due to the device overheating and creating a fire safety risk to the users. After 20 reports of the roasters overheating, the recall was put into place. Thankfully, there have been no known injuries at this time. The device’s safety concern was caught just in time to prevent any serious injury.

What Caused the Malfunction

Although none of the customer’s who used the product resulted in any injury, there clearly was a malfunction that could have caused serious ones. The malfunction caused the plastic components to melt, the beans to burn, and then ultimately the whole device started emitting smoke and flames. Having this device malfunction like that in your kitchen could cause some serious harm to your environment, yourself, and your family. Please take this into account and decide to get rid of the coffee roaster like it has been suggested.

This has also not been the first time a Nesco Device has been taken off the market due to a fire safety concern. There were about 4,800 Nesco American Harvest Gardenmaster Food Dehydrators recalled in 2011. This instance was a result of three consumer reports of the devices overheating and catching fire or creating smoke emissions.

Where These Devices Were Sold in 2020

Between August and December of 2020, the Nesco Coffee Roasters were retailing at about 85$ each at a variety of brick- and-mortar stores across the United States. These stores included Blaines Supply and Burman Coffee Traders. They were also available to purchase through many online companies including Bodhi Leaf Coffee, Burman Coffee, Everything Kitchens, Farm and Fleet, Kohl’s, Sweet Marias’s, and Wayfair, along with Keystone Housewares via their Facebook page.

What if I Have a Nesco Coffee Roaster?

If you currently have a Nesco Coffee Roaster in your home, you should absolutely get rid of it. Contact the Metal Ware Corporation to begin the return process. They can be reached at 888-993-9243 Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm or via email at Your defective device will be provided with complimentary return shipping by the Metal Ware Corporation. Additionally, Metal Ware is offering two different options to refund their customers.

            Choice number 1: 85$ cash refund sent directly to your address.

            Choice number 2: Receive 100$ in store credit redeemable at Nesco’s online store.

Decide at your own risk, Nesco does not have a great track record when it comes to their devices. Next time you acquire a coffee roaster make sure to do some research and check out the reviews that previous or current customers have left. This can prevent any future disappointments and safety concerns. Do not let this Roaster deter you from roasting your own coffee either. There are many great products on the market that will allow you to make your morning cup of coffee safely in your own home.

Benefits of Roasting Your Own Coffee

Although previously we mentioned a defective coffee roaster, there are many benefits from roasting your own coffee. These include:

-Ensures you get the optimal level of antioxidants

-Cheaper than purchasing premium roasted coffee beans because purchasing green coffee beans will be less expensive and are nearly at wholesale prices

-Quality taste and freshness


Therefore, there are many advantages to home roasting your coffee beans.

Types of Home Coffee Bean Roasters

Fluid Bed-

Roasts small batches, quite easy to clean- similar to a hot-air popcorn maker.


Roasts larger batches of coffee beans more evenly

In conclusion, make sure to do your own research if you want to experiment with home roasting your coffee. There are many great ways to do it without the safety risk. Avoid the Nesco Coffee Roasters, check the reviews, comments, and concerns before making that purchase. And remember always enjoy your coffee the way you like it!



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