Buying quality coffee is the core of our business strategy. Many coffee companies purchase inferior beans and dark roast them to cover up the poor quality and flavors. Split Rock Coffee purchases raw, coffeehouse-quality beans and have them roasted to our own specifications. This attention to detail produces great flavor from the first aromatic sip to the sweet finish. Our light roast has notes of chocolate and roasted nuts with a tangy citrus aftertaste, the medium roast has a milk chocolate sweetness with a slight cherry finish, and our dark roast has an intense cocoa depth balanced by bright hints of citrus. Our 3.5-millimeter thick retail bags provide moisture and light barriers to protect the coffee’s high quality. The bags also feature the industry leading one-way valve to seal in freshness. Our coffees are available whole bean or pre-ground in 12-ounce bags.



Buying high quality coffee beans is the foundation of our business strategy. Some workplace coffee providers purchase inferior beans and then dark roast them to disguise the poor taste. Split Rock Coffee purchases raw, coffeehouse-quality beans and have them roasted to our own specifications. This attention to detail produces a coffee-house quality coffee for your workplace, with great flavor from the first aromatic sip to the sweet finish. For office applications, we’ve selected state-of-the-art brewing equipment to optimally extract the best flavor from our coffee. This combination of great coffee and brewing equipment consistently produces a top-notch coffee that will make your employees and customers feel appreciated.


We have chosen to use Bunn brewing equipment. Bunn equipment is made in America and is the most technologically advanced coffee brewing equipment available. The 120 Volt, direct water-plumbed Bunn Smartwave brewers have deep brew funnels that will accommodate varying amounts of ground coffee. These low-profile brewers feature SmartWAVE technology, are simple to operate, offer flexible server options, and come equipped with a hot water spigot. Each package of workplace coffee we sell brews 64 ounces of finished coffee. We use Stanley brand 2.2 liter airpots with stainless steel inserts and a lever-style pump on top. We also provide water filtration units, filtration cartridges, airpot racks, and condiment caddies.


Split Rock knows not one roast style works for all customers. Water quality, grind, and brewing equipment change at each location. We work closely with our customers, helping them match our flavorful light, medium and dark roasted coffees to the guests needs. To assure our brands commitment to quality, we use the same beans and roasting profiles for our filter and large volume packs as we do in our retail line. Our coffees are available in multiple sized packages in both whole bean and pre ground formats. Whether you use filter packs or large urn brewers, we can deliver consistency throughout your establishment. When a client’s equipment needs repair, we use Espresso Services to make sure the job is done correctly.

In addition to coffee we offer all sizes, styles, and substrates of hot and cold cups. Our catalog of paper products, janitorial, and packaging material makes us a one stop vendor for your purchasing agent, chefs, hospitality and janitorial staff.


Fundraising is easy with Split Rock Coffee.


Do you require the support of a local Fundraising Consultant?

Whether or not you need support depends on the past experience of your organization or group. If your group is experienced in fundraising, you can contact us directly and we will help you coordinate your campaign. If you would like management of your fundraising project, we can put you in contact with companies and individuals to coordinate your goals and team members.

Should we establish a fundraising goal?

Yes. Studies have shown that individuals who write down their goals have a 50% better chance of reaching the goal then those who don’t write down goals!
Knowing how much money you need to raise has the following benefits:
• Helps motivate the participants in the campaign
• Shows how sharing the goal among x number of participants, makes the goal achievable.

How long should we run the fundraising event?

The length of campaign can vary depending on your objectives and the motivation of the fundraisers. Typically, a campaign should be run for 2 – 4 weeks. By setting a specific beginning date and ending date for your fundraiser, it is easier to generate and maintain enthusiasm.

Have a Campaign Leader

It’s important to have an appointed leader that will stay engaged during the campaign. The leader should be organized and have good communication skills. The leader will want to have someone appointed to collect and track the money, and some to help with distribution of the received coffee.

Our Coffee

We offer our light, medium, dark, and decaffeinated dark roasted coffee in whole bean or pre-ground 12-ounce bags. For freshness, we roast your order to demand and pack the coffee in nitrogen-flushed, vacuum-sealed, 3.5 millimeter-thick commercial grade bags.

“I never drink coffee at lunch.
I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.”

— Ronald Regan


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