Split Rock Coffee™ Light Roast – 2.0 oz., Frac Pack


Our Light Roast is 100% Colombian from the Huila (Southern) Region of Colombia.  The lighter roast level is balanced, rich and brighter in acidity then the Dark and Medium Roasts. This Single Origin is a great example of Colombian coffee.


Our Light Roast Coffee is grown in Bucaramanga in north-central Colombia. It delivers a rich, flavorful coffee with a bright, crisp finish. This Light Roast is clean and consistent, with notes of chocolate and lime, and a nutty flavor. We offer our Frac Packages in cases of 42. Each individual Frac brews 12 cups of coffee. This coffee contains 100% Specialty Grade Arabica coffee.
2.0 oz., Frac Pack, 42/cs
Manufacturers Item #20000


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