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Ron Buster


Age: 65
Experience: 10+ years
Specialization: President


Talent, Character, Detailed

Experience Was A Bonus

US Army Veteran

US Army Veteran 100%
Coffee Connoisseur 75%
Entrepreneur 60%
Leadership & Value 100%

About Ron Buster


Ronald started his career in 1966 when he joined the USAF and spent four years as a Ground Power Mechanic. The highlight of his Air Force Career was working around the SR-71. Ronald was stationed in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Marysville until he was discharged. He had the opportunity to spend four months in Okinawa on temporary duty travel. Ronald was discharged in 1970 and attended Dunwoody Industrial Institute for HVAC design and project management.


Ronald worked in the industry for 11 years until he became a US Army Recruiter. His career in the USAR began in 1978 as a Supply Sergeant, and in 1990 he was promoted to E-8 MSG. He became Course Director at Fort Snelling in Minnesota for the BNOC basic leadership school.

Ronald was self-employed and started a pager company in 1990, which grew into a cellular agency and one of the larger companies in Minneapolis. He worked as a college admissions representative for nine years and retired at age 66 with Army and SS pensions.

In 2016, Split Rock Coffee’s current CEO, Paul, introduced Ronald to Split Rock Coffee and they bought the company together in 2018. Ronald is looking forward to Split Rock Coffee’s expansion to accommodate multiple Split Rock Cafes, a state of the art roastery, and international coffee exporting.

When Ronald is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife. He is also a guide for Fishing for Life and enjoys taking families out on his boat to fish.


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