Anastasia Stone
Whole Bean Dark Roast Client

Hands down the best whole bean coffee I’ve come across in years!! I’ve completely switched to Split Rock Coffee and have zero intention of buying anything elsewhere!

Patrick James
100% Columbian Coffee Client
I was a Starbucks guy for years, then I had a stint with Dunkin, a few local coffee shops later and i FINALLY FOUND MY BREW. I’ve been so pleased I felt compelled to ask the management about their “trade secrets” this past week and I have I was kind of half shocked half impressed with the answer: Split Rock Coffee! I’d actually heard the name before through a college roommate in Minnesota. Bottom line, at this point it’s the only coffee I buy. I occasionally buy a bag just in case I can’t make it to the shop on my way to work in the morning. Definitely Recommend! Thanks guys!
Steven Rashford

I was shocked at the difference between my grocery bought brand and the smooth, bold flavor of their new fresh ground 10 oz.!


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