Caffeine can be dangerous unless you drink it in moderation

Caffeine is generally what we use to get out of bed in the morning, usually through a cup of coffee. Whether it takes one, two, three, or four cups full, our coffee helps wake up our body and prepare us for the day. But what makes these little beans of energy so necessary? Read on to learn about the power coffee holds around the world.

The Power of Coffee Around the world

It is important to note that caffeine is considered a stimulant that makes you more alert. In technical terms, the caffeine blocks the adenosine receptor in your body, which prevents you from getting sleepy. Caffeine content varies by roast and blend, but typically a light roast has higher caffeine content than a dark roast. Regardless of roast, caffeine begins to affect your body instantly. You will likely feel the most energetic 30-60 minutes after consumption. The energy burst can last a couple hours but largely depends on how much coffee was consumed.

What Happens When You Drink Too Much Caffeine?

Most of us count on our coffee for this kick-start to our day. A warm cup of joy to wake up your body and your mind. But what happens when we drink too much? When consumed heavily, coffee can disrupt your sleep patterns and make it harder to fall or stay asleep. Caffeine can also affect the quality of deep sleep and disrupt your circadian rhythm, reducing your total sleep time. Other side effects include sweating, nausea, increased heart rate, increased breathing, and muscle tremors.

Don’t worry…Split Rock Coffee is equipped to combat these issues. Our dark roast is specially designed to be extremely low in acidity, low in caffeine, and super smooth. You can drink it all day long without losing any sleep later. Our light and medium roasts will give more of a caffeine boost with that same smoothness that makes your stomach happy.

Health Benefits From Coffee

When consumed in moderation, drinking coffee can actually have some great health benefits. The most common positive effects of drinking coffee include improved mood, increased mental performance, and better reaction times. Research shows that drinking coffee intermittently throughout the day optimizes the overall caffeine effects. Pacing your coffee intake maintains your alertness all day long and minimizes or eliminates any negative effects. When you consume large amounts of coffee every day, your body builds up a tolerance and will require more caffeine for the same level of alertness.

So it seems that the best way to harness your caffeine power is through moderation. Drinking up to three or four cups of coffee per day can give you the needed energy for the day. Spacing out your consumption is the key to a level, healthy, energy-filled day. Stay grounded, friends!



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