Coffee With Purpose

Coffee With Purpose

Mission Statement 2024

Split Rock Coffee Created the “Coffee with Purpose” campaign to be able to create a vehicle to give back to our disabled veterans and their families, active-duty troops, and our local law enforcement. We support different charities that assist in the quality of life of those families who gave all and have served and are still serving today. Split Rock Coffee is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOSB) listed on and other public certifications. 

Our vision was to bring high-quality coffee to the public marketplace so that we can bring superior coffee and deliver it to your front door. This allows people to be involved and gives a way to provide not only community involvement but, also a direct commitment to give our time through volunteering and service-directed priority. We carry this culture throughout our company and are committed to hiring vets and their families. 

Each year we will evaluate what charities have applied to be branded on our packaging as a community awareness for the non-profit. We will make donations of coffee products for special events to make products available for fundraising activities that have been approved by Split Rock Coffee management.







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